About Us

Re3 Global leadership boasts of a decade of international expertise in the end-of-life management of electric and electronic equipment for prominent global brands.

The company was established to deliver bespoke solutions, with a mission to aid organisations to avoid landfill and mitigate the hazardous disposal of toxic materials present in electronic devices.

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Our Mission




What do we do?

End of Life Management

Recycle, Reuse, Refurbish

E-Waste and more
Dismantling and Material Recovery
Take-Back Program Management and Reverse Logistics
Data Destruction
Repair, Refurbish and Upcycle
FMCG Recycling and Disposal
Disposal of Personal Care & Cosmetics
Brand Protection & Counterfeit Destruction
Metal Scrap Recycling
Data Center Services (Data Wiping & Destruction)
Refrigerant Gas Recovery and Reclaiming

Our Compliances

We support the evolution for your Business towards



Responsible Recycling


Global, Customised Solutions


Measure Impact

Materials we accept

Computers and Laptops

Upgrade your technology guilt-free by recycling your old desktop computers, laptops, and servers with RE3Circle.

Mobile Devices

Part ways with your outdated smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices responsibly. We accepts these for recycling, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Consumer Electronics

RE3Circle is your go-to for recycling televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and audio equipment, ensuring these devices are recycled responsibly.

Office Electronics

Upgrade your office technology, From printers and copiers to fax machines and scanners, RE3Circle accepts a wide range of office electronics.

Our Focus Areas

At Re3 Global we proudly collaborate with a diverse range of industries to responsibly recycle E-Waste, FMCG, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Data, Metal Scrap and much more. From tech giants to local businesses, our partnerships ensure that every electronic component finds its way into a greener future. Here is a sneek peek into the industries we collaborate with:

Schools & Municipalities

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